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It delivers a peak 563 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque in the sedan and expect something similar for the SUV. Rolls-Royce says the decision to develop an SUV was driven mostly by the urging of its customers but also the pioneering, adventurous spirit of company founders Charles Rolls payday advance Sir Henry Royce. Spy Shots 54 minutes ago NEVS starts production of electric 9-3s in China Industry 2 hours ago 2020 BMW 8-Series spy shots and video Spy Shots 3 hours ago Topics Spy Shots First Drives Supercars Racing Videos Muscle Cars Concept Cars Industry SUVs Electric Cars Hybrids Luxury First Drives First Drives 2018 Porsche Panamera video road test 2018 Ford Mustang first drive review: getting serious 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS first payday advance review: fierce and focusedAuto Shows Auto Shows Los Angeles More News SEMA Chicago Detroit Frankfurt Geneva New York Photos Photo Galleries 2020 BMW 8-Series spy shots - Image via S.

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The Phantom replaces payday advance previous model, the first Rolls-Royce under BMW ownership, that saw payday advance 7,000 built between 2003 and 2016. The Phantom remains the most literally upright, traditional Rolls sedan. But a progressive streak is evident, especially in the cabin, which takes inspiration from the mind-blowing, autonomous 103EX concept of 2016.

The previous Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe are dropped from the lineup plan. A Satellite Aided Transmission assists the Payday advance 8-speed automatic gearbox, adjusting gears based on GPS coordinates to keep the engine in its limbo-low sweet spot. Both front and rear doors are now automated, swinging with a sensor push on the gorgeous stainless-steel door handles, or from inside at the push of a button.

A sweep of wood paneling on the back of front seats is inspired payday advance an Eames lounge chair. Rear picnic tables and theater monitors deploy from that paneling, also electrically operated. The winged, motorized Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament gets a half-inch lift in her shoes, and is again available in multiple materials, including frosted glass.

A spiffy headlamp graphic houses frosted lighting elements and what Rolls claims is the most advanced laser lighting system of any car, including the ability to illuminate the nighttime payday advance for more than 650 yards. A handsomely tapered, superformed aluminum tail eliminates some unsightly seams, and the roof is more steeply raked.

Double-skinned alloys in the chassis floor and bulkhead are stuffed with heavy foam and felt. Add it up, the company says, and this royal sarcophagus reduces noise levels by 10 percent at 62 mph, or 100 kph. An endless selection of seating arrangements includes an intimate Lounge Seat and a newly introduced Sleeping Seat.

Choose the new fixed rear center console for a drinks cabinet with whisky glasses and decanter, champagne flutes and a coolbox. And a pox on plastic: Every piece of switchgear is made from metal, glass or wrapped in leather, including the classic organ-stop vent controls and violin-key window switches.

As before, the Phantom aims to hide its BMW-based technology (including a version of the iDrive controller) until you need it, payday advance like a Bavarian butler in his mangy quarters. To demonstrate the concept, Rolls has already commissioned eye-popping treatments from artists and artisans.

Along with such bespoke commissions -- which will naturally cost a princely sum and delay delivery of your Phantom -- company designers in Goodwood, U.

As for feathering your own nest, Gerry Spahn, Rolls-Royce spokesman, says that a feathered backdrop is another potential treatment. A Phantom is already a rare sight, with only about 500 built in a typical year for buyers around the globe. Now owners can put themselves in an even-more-rarefied group with customization worthy of a Louvre patron, or at least a Long Island real-estate mogul.

Wealthy imaginations will run wild, along with egos and budgets: What would a Saudi prince or hip-hop star do with this virtual canvas. The artistic expressions will surely range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

By Lawrence UlrichJuly 27, 2017New CarsDesignNew CarsBritish carsluxury carsphantomRolls-RoyceturbochargedV12ShopRolls-RoyceSHARELawrence UlrichView Lawrence Ulrich's Articlestwitter. Rolls-RoyceGlass-encased dashboard Gallery, here in custom Nymphenberg porcelain An endless selection of seating arrangements includes an intimate Lounge Seat and a newly introduced Sleeping Seat.

Rolls-RoyceTo demonstrate the concept, Rolls has already commissioned eye-popping treatments from artists and artisans. The custom Rolls will be shipped back to the U. It's everything a Rolls-Royce shouldn't be-and that's exactly how he likes it. This rare Badge edition dons superhero garb, signals shifting via satellite, at a price fit for Bruce WayneShop the driveTools to help you design, research and find the right car for you.

A terrible day to drive, a great day to be driven. A cacophony of wind and water rudely intrudes into the cabin. Time to recline the seat, let my head hit the pillow, and enjoy the magic carpet ride. There are few cars in which the backseat experience is just as important, if not more so, as what happens from behind the wheel.

For some 92 years, longer than any other nameplate, the Phantom has transported rock stars and starlets, monarchs and maharajas, captains of industry and hip-hop kingpins. As the Phantom enters its eighth generation, the stakes have never been higher to deliver an ever richer, more immersive package, with cutting-edge, 21st century tech and even more ways to make it your way-the bespoke way. And it should drive better, too.

The new Phantom has been five years in the making, and as Rolls-Royce officials acknowledge, it really needed to take a two-generation leap, given that the model it replaces is 14 years old-which may as well be 80 in car years. It makes the car some 30-percent more rigid than the previous Phantom, and additional cast aluminum structures reinforce areas wherever heavy loads are attached to the chassis.

Building on all that luxurious architecture is a new double-wishbone front and five-link rear suspension, supported by active stabilizer bars front and rear and a traditional anti-roll bar in front. The system in part uses a stereo camera sensor in the windscreen to monitor and proactively react to road conditions up to 62 mph. There are no settings to dial in, just endless calculations made with the goal of keeping the ride pleasant and cosseting in virtually any situation.

Those double glazed windows feature an additional plastic layer wedged between, the floor pan and bulkhead alloys are thicker than before-even the Continental tires are lined with a layer of foam.

In fact, Koehn said Rolls tested some 180 sets of tires before hitting on the right setup. Interestingly, no active noise-canceling tech is employed because research showed it could make some occupants car sick.

From my perch payday advance behind the front seat as we wind our way through the Swiss countryside, the 6. Sitting in back with product manager Christian Wettach, he points out heavily lacquered, contrasting wood veneers that dominate the center stack. The starlight headliner now has more than 1,110 lights in the short wheelbase model (you can even get a shooting star option if you like) and extends further front to back.

Press a button behind the door and up it pops from the floor. Open up the coolbox in between the rear seats and pour it into the crystal glasses. There are of course even higher spec options available, including a fixed center console with a drinks cabinet, and the more comfortable extended sleeper seats.